The Increase of Online Gambling Persists in Finland Going Up to Almost 50% of Q1 Sales

Online gambling fame is experiencing record highs throughout the globe and Finland is one of them; digital sales constitute almost 50% of all the sales in the year’s initial three months. The betting agency Vekkaus, which is run by the state, posted its Q1 2018 Interim Report that indicates that online gambling rose by 10% just in the months towards the end of 31 March.

uk49s lottery betting online
uk49s lottery betting online
Another section which went through a rise in interest was the scratch cards and customary lotteries because of the most significant Eurojackpot win ever in February in Loimaa city. 

Vekkaus is the national gambling agency in Finland, which manages all sports betting, lotteries, casino gaming, pari-mutuel and horse racing operations. On Wednesday, it presented its 2018 first quarter Interim Report stating that the way the year started met expectations. According to the report, there is a small decrease of about 1% in overall turnover from the same time the previous year. 

The reason for this could be the latest responsible gaming tools, which were started towards the end of the previous year. Vekkaus produced €805.6 million worth of sales in the three months up to the end of 31 March. Meanwhile, the net profit went up to €256 million, an increase of 2% each year. 

Where GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) is concerned, the overall Finnish gaming market summed up to about €487 million. In many sectors, profits rose, with instant win games and lotteries recording sales of €303.5 million, an increase of 4.5% in contrast to a similar time in 2017. 

The revenue from slot games, online slots as well as land-based machines increased to €207.1 million from 6.7%. On the other hand, the official information for betting on horse racing and sports events indicates a drop of 3.8% to slightly more than €150 million. In spite of the small drop in online betting of 0.8% from the same time last year, there was a big drop in retail betting of 14.6%. 

Online gambling rose by 10% in comparison to the 2017 first quarter, according to numbers. This progressive drift brought all Q1 sales for digital channels’ share to 43.9%, revealing the changing attention in Finnish gambling on online platforms. The 56.1% remaining turnover during this time originated from retail outlets. The report shows that Vekkaus was able to make up almost 90% of Finland’s online market. However, since it continues to compete against global gambling operators, it confesses that it needs to alter its 2018 plan. 
Record Eurojackpot Win of €90 million claimed this week 

Five ticket holders from Finland won the jackpot of €90 million in February in the Eurojackpot lottery. But, it wasn’t until some days back that they came forward. This was revealed in an official statement by Vekkaus. 

The winners bought the winning ticket at a supermarket in Prisma in the southwest city of Loimaa. The gambling agency stated that the jackpot win that broke the record made scratch cards and lotteries gain fame in the country, leading to a rise in sales and profits. 

Eurojackpot describes a transnational European lottery which started in March 2012. It requires participants to predict five winning figures from 50 and two extra figures. The odds of predicting correctly and hitting the jackpot have been summed up as 1 in 95,344,200. The leading prize begins at €10 million and it can go up to €90 million. 

Presently Eurojackpot is found in the following countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, and Sweden. Vikinglotto and EuroMillions are the other European transnational lotteries.

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